Brand design unveils the essence or personality of a product to the public.  Design Poole creates brand identity for hospitality clients through the development of design elements including exterior, interior environments, amenities, marketing materials, advertising and sales campaigns.

Corporate Branding

Design Poole has worked with corporations to develop product brands for properties, that included planning, exterior/interior design and specifications of program elements.

Corporate branding builds brand awareness with influence of consistent elements or services that are positively identified by the target market, making the brand more memorable.

Branding development can be accomplished through color and quality level of materials or service.

Product Branding

Product branding is closely tied to a strong graphic design campaign.  Design Poole provides product branding services for restaurants and hotels.

Logos, menu design and amenity packages tie with the overall brand essence and identity.  Design Poole can provide these services or work closely with client’s marketing and public relations professionals.

Design Poole has highly qualified graphic design staff with expertise in brand design.  

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